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Please Note: Lizard Island Resort caters to children 10 years old and over.

Food and wine at Lizard Island

Signature Culinary Experiences

Great food and drinks is just what we do on Lizard Island, our culinary and cellar teams have a passion for creating the very best culinary experiences where the food and wine is elevated to new heights. We have partnered with only the best, local and freshest produce which you can experience at Lizard Island all year round.

Wolf Lane Gin Tasting Masterclass

Participate in a Gin Tasting Masterclass during your stay.

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Champagne at Lizard Island Resort

A weekend of Champagne and Caviar

We invite you to enjoy a glamorous rendezvous of luxury and craftsmanship on Lizard Island featuring Champagne Lallier and Yarra Valley Caviar.

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Lizard Lager Custom Craft Beer

Hemingway’s Brewery is a local, independent craft brewery operating in Far North Queensland that produces outstanding craft beers.

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Preston Fresh Seafood & Yarra Valley Caviar

Sustainably sourced seafood is a huge part of our identity here at Lizard Island Resort, given our location on the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea.

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Exceptional, very varied, and extremely tasty, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. Commendations to the chef for the way he manages to mix and match textures and flavours. Some of the dishes wouldn't look out of place on a Michelin Starred menu! - Steve and Alice

Each meal was timely and impeccable. The Chef was extraordinarily talented and creative- delivering innovative and delicious cuisine at each dining experience. For Christmas Day and our Anniversary dinner, Corinna curated some special details that touched our hearts and made us feel like we were in a moment of our lives that we wanted to keep forever - Lisey

Relaxed and casually elegant. The Diving and snorkelling was magical. Special call out to Dive instructors Sandra and Liam and Captains Brutus and Harry and Chris. Memorable dining, gorgeous accommodation. The degustation experience on our final night was exceptional. We loved this place and the staff and will be back. Thank you all for rescuing us from the year that was 2020! - Pete & Kim

Our visit was part of a special Penfolds 75 anniversary! We weren't sure what to expect but certainly were not disappointed. All meals were designed to match white and red wines and included a masterclass conducted by Penfolds winemaker Andrew Hales. In between all the wining and dining we had time to take a tinnie out for a picnic and snorkelling. - Truus

Food and wine were very impressive - far and away the best dining we've ever done at an all inclusive resort, and the food heavily features local in-season ingredients. Menus change daily and are creative and varied - we looked forward to every meal. - Nathan