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Please Note: Lizard Island Resort caters to children 10 years old and over.

Lizard Island - MV Duyfken 1

Experience Charters at Lizard Island


Lizard Island's 51ft Riviera Cruise Vessel awaits you, with a cruise speed of 20 knots and a capacity for just 8 passengers. A private charter for fishing, snorkelling and diving excursions will elevate your Lizard Island experience to a sublime, new level and leave you with no doubt as to why Lizard Island is like nowhere else. When you emerge from the water or put down your rod, our crew will be on hand to serve a menu of local produce and refreshments.

Bring a dive or snorkel guide along to show you some of the reefs away from the island, or if you just want to catch yourself some dinner, our deckhand will help you out - no guide necessary.

Bookings are essential and we recommend these are made when confirming your accommodation and dates with our reservations team.

Maximum guests due to staffing is 8 anglers, 7 snorkellers, 6 divers, or a total of 6 for a mixed group of snorkellers and divers.

A 25% deposit is required at time of booking for private charters.

For further information, please contact your Luxury Specialist:

Phone: 1800 837 204

Normal overnight resort charges apply in addition to charter cost.


Full day (7 hours)
Fish $4,500
Snorkel $5,100
Dive $5,900

Half Day (up to 3.5 hours)
Fish $3,000
Snorkel $3,750
Dive $4,000

Terms and conditions apply.

Information & Reservations

Freecall1800 867 169

Lizard Island Resort

PMB 40, Cairns,
Queensland, 4870 Australia

Relaxed and casually elegant. The Diving and snorkelling was magical. Special call out to Dive instructors Sandra and Liam and Captains Brutus and Harry and Chris. Memorable dining, gorgeous accommodation. The degustation experience on our final night was exceptional. We loved this place and the staff and will be back. Thank you all for rescuing us from the year that was 2020! - Pete & Kim

Our visit was part of a special Penfolds 75 anniversary! We weren't sure what to expect but certainly were not disappointed. All meals were designed to match white and red wines and included a masterclass conducted by Penfolds winemaker Andrew Hales. In between all the wining and dining we had time to take a tinnie out for a picnic and snorkelling. - Truus

The beaches were breathtaking. Not only the most beautiful we've seen anywhere in the world, but we also had them literally to ourselves. It's so remote, and the resort is so small, that you can reliably get your own beach daily. Make sure to check out the turtles! Also, they packed us delicious lunches every day with all the wine we wanted! I can't express how magical Lizard Island is. It's just a completely *other*, next-level place. It is worth any amount of money to go. - Nathan

All staff always had a smile on their faces. Colin was a great person to refresh my Scuba diving skills and was amazing when we went on the Outer Reef Dive always making sure I was okay and showed me some cool stuff. So many of activities to choose from and dining was a good choice - Ethan