Experience the most picturesque reef and marine life by simply stepping off the beach.

All Lizard Island activities and pricing are subject to availability, weather conditions and may change without notice.

Experience some of the most picturesque reef and marine life by simply stepping off the beach – this is one of the major attractions that makes Lizard Island like nowhere else. The “Clam Garden” is only a short swim from the beach at Watson’s Bay, and excellent sites are also located at Anchor Bay, and Sunset Beach.

Equipment and lessons are complimentary and our qualified marine staff will ensure you are fitted with all the gear. Keep your snorkel gear with you and head out anytime you like.

Guided Beach Snorkel

Discover and understand more about the amazing fish, coral and other marine creatures that call Lizard Island and its surrounds, home. If you are planning to take yourself off on lots of snorkelling outings – this is a great foundation to understand what to look for and what you are looking at.

Local Snorkel Tours

Explore our magnificent nearby reefs on a guided local snorkel tour with our expert marine and dive team. Try our extremely popular Reef in the middle of Watson’s Bay, the Clam Gardens. There are many different species of clams as far the eye can see! Or just around the corner is the sheltered Mermaid Cove, where you will see an abundance of marine life, from Cuttlefish to swarms of Fusiliers and many Bommies with a variety of hard and soft corals. Snorkel with our resident green turtles in Casuarina Beach, watch them grazing in the shallows and see Hawaiian Triggerfish hiding in their little coral homes. There are a range of stunning reefs to explore - our guides will discuss the best ones to visit with you prior to your excursion. 

Snorkelling Lessons

If you have never snorkelled before, or it has been a while and your confidence is lacking, we recommend that you participate in a complimentary 30-minute lesson. Please collect your snorkelling equipment from the Beach Club and let the marine and dive team know you'd like a lesson.