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Please Note: Lizard Island Resort caters to children 10 years old and over.

Lizard island about goanna
Lizard island nature calendar sunbird
Lizard island nature calendar clown fish
Lizard island nature calendar sea turtle
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What's On at Lizard Island

Nature Calendar

Lizard Island is one of Australia's most remote and breathtaking locations and boasts amazing natural wonders all year round, each month brings a unique and treasured natural wildlife wonder to the island for guests to experience and enjoy. View the Lizard Island nature calendar below so that you will be sure not to miss out on your most treasured natural wonder, and experience truly unique ecotourism.



  • The Amphibious month
  • Green Tree Frogs dominate the nocturnal sound show as they come out to breed.
  • The Black Flying Fox camps are at their largest, providing spectacular flight scenes at dusk.
  • Monitor Lizard activity is high, they can be seen digging nesting tunnels around the island.


  • Black-Naped Terns begin nesting
  • Terns swarming around Osprey Island prey on the summer fish stocks
  • The Melaleuca Forests flood and mangrove swamps are rich with juvenile fish life
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  • Crested Terns begin nesting
  • Pheasant Coucal birds can be seen changing to their darker plumage
  • Sacred Kingfishers are often sighted around the island


  • Migratory birds, such as the Lesser Golden Plover, begin to show their breeding plumage before the migration to the northern latitudes
  • Bar Shouldered Doves begin nesting
  • Southern Cross constellation can be seen rising early in the night sky


  • Green Sea Turtles can be spotted feeding along the beaches at low tide.
  • Clear skies and early twilights bring red sunsets over the Pacific.
  • Kapok Bush begins to flower.
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  • Humpback Whales begin their northern migration. Curious Minke Whales often approach tour vessel for a closer look
  • Playful Spinner Dolphins may surf the bow wave on the outer reef trips
  • Clear views from the top of Cooks Lookout
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  • Humpback Whale sightings during their migration to warmer waters for calving
  • Goannas often sighted along tracks warming their bodies in the midday sun
  • Osprey often sighted around their large, high nests


  • White-Breasted Wood swallows begin breeding
  • Umbrella trees show off their brilliant red flowers
  • Constellation of Scorpio dominates the spring night sky, chasing Orion over the western horizon


  • Marlin season begins with Giant Black Marlin cruising the outer reef during their breeding season
  • Minke and Humpback Whale sightings from around the island
  • Black Flying Foxes feed on the mango fruits around the resort at night
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  • Lesser Golden Plovers arrive on the island from Siberia and Alaskan territories
  • Torres Strait Imperial Pigeons migrate down from Papua New Guinea to form breeding colonies on the island
  • Beach Stone Curlew patrol the beaches, acting as decoys for their nests
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  • Coral reef annual spawning turns the blue waters orange toward the end of the month
  • Kapok Trees begin fruiting
  • Green, Loggerhead and Hawksbill Turtles graze on sea grasses along the beaches
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  • Occasional sightings of Manta Rays around the island
  • Water temperature is a warm 29°C

The perfect place to get married!!! We were looking for a very private wedding, just the two of us, and after contacting the hotel, they helped arrange everything. They arranged a celebrant (Vivian) to fly in to perform the ceremony, and with the help of Nicole, Heather and David all our wedding needs were taken care of. David and Heather were our witnesses, and David (Resort Photographer) took some amazing pictures... the day ended with a very romantic 7 course dinner on the beach, served to perfection by Claudio - Steve and Alice

Lizard Island is a very special place... quiet, serene remote with sunsets to die for, it was the perfect choice for our 50th wedding anniversary. The staff is friendly and attentive - responsive to every request. - Russ

A spectacular island and resort! It is truly a wonderful experience from the beach to the water, the sunsets, the sea life, the birds and the spa pampering. The staff could not be more accommodating, professional, and helpful all in a most impressive and genuine manner. The accommodation is tops; well kept and maintained. The bar and dining atmosphere is friendly and a pleasant atmosphere - the food was truly a gastronomic treat - every meal! We left feeling so relaxed and extremely well looked after. Definitely 5 star hotel and attention. - Linda

If you are looking for the most friendly, comfortable, and exquisite place to relax, this is it! Sand, sun, snorkel, dive, boat, paddle board, hike, relax. It’s all here! The spa was awesome with Beck, best pedicure ever. Ava was awesome on the beach, Magic was totally chill and helpful. The whole crew on the dive boat was awesome. The cabins on the beach are amazing. But the food, and diversity of menus was off the chart. Wine pairings to match. - Tom

We arrived via small plane to our own private paradise. The rooms were large, tasteful and beautifully appointed. The staff was wonderful, warm and welcoming and the dining experience superb. Add to that the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and you are truly in paradise. - Lisa