Activities & Experiences

The Beach Club is located at the western corner of the main beach. Our friendly team including our Naturalist, Marine and Dive specialists are available at the Beach Club to provide information and assist with bookings. Please note that many of our services are complimentary however charges do apply for some experiences.


Lizard Island is a continental island surrounded by fringing reef with easy access to the ribbon reefs of the Great Barrier Reef. The world renowned Cod Hole is a 90 minute boat ride from the island.

Other Water Activities

Our other water activities include motorised dinghies, kayaks, Sea Darts, stand up paddle boards and our twilight cruise.

Land based nature experiences

We invite you to join us on one of our guided interpretive walks to help you understand the island environment on more than an aesthetic level. Our guides will share with you secrets of the island’s flora, fauna and geographical features.


If you have never snorkelled before, or it has been a while and your confidence is lacking, we recommend that you participate in our complimentary snorkel lessons.

Water-based nature experiences

The waters surrounding Lizard Island are a swimming, diving and snorkelling wonderland, featuring an array of outstanding sites such as Mermaid Cove and the Clam Gardens, home to an array of Giant Clams. With the island’s location on the Great Barrier Reef, we 90 minutes away from the stunning outer reef including the world famous Cod Hole.


The trolling and bottom line fishing in surrounding reefs is extremely exciting. Trolling with light tackle gear you can expect to catch anything from Spanish Mackerel to Tuna, Queenfish or Trevally. Lizard Island does promote catch and release however guests have the option of one of our chefs preparing your daily catch for you to enjoy in the Lizard Island restaurant.

Lizard Island Resort