Welcome to Lizard Island

Our team is here to ensure that your stay on the Island lives up to our promise of a location and experience like nowhere else. This information will assist you in planning your experience while on island. To discover the best of Lizard Island and to make the most of all our facilities and activities, please take the time to read through this information. Additionally, this covers important safety and information to assist you in enjoying all the facilities and amenities the resort has on offer.

This information is just a guide – we encourage you to chat to our passionate team who will happily answer any questions you have and share their personal experiences about the island.

Have a terrific stay,
The Lizard Island Team

Weekly Activities Schedule

Please read for details on the activities taking place during your stay.

Services & Facilities

We have everything you need to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable stay. Please read to learn more about all of the services and facilities available.

Birds of Lizard Island

Learn about the resident and visiting birds that can be seen throughout your stay.

In-Room Comforts

All of our Lizard Island Resort rooms and suites offer serene luxury and a private location in which to enjoy your stay.

Island Flora

Learn about some of the species of flora you can see on the island throughout your stay.

Wine & Dining

Finely curated partnerships with Australia’s finest farmers, winemakers and purveyors. Enjoy a variety of restaurant and dining experiences at Lizard Island, from gourmet meals with seascape views to deluxe picnics on a private beach.

Marine & Island Safety

As Lizard Island is a terrestrial and marine National Park, we ask that you respect this precious environment. Please refrain from touching or trying to handle any living organism, including reef creatures, as it may harm you or the organism.

Activities & Experiences

Our exciting activities have been designed to enabled you to develop your appreciation and understanding of our precious and sensitive habitat. To organise your activity program, take a short stroll to the Beach Club between 8:00am and 4:00pm daily or visit Reception.

Essentia Day Spa

Essentia Day Spa offers an holistic selection of indulgent and pampering facial and body treatment balanced with health and wellbeing choices that include yoga, stress management personal fitness.

Get Social

Keep up to date with what's happening on Lizard Island. Be inspired by national park walks, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, food and the natural landscape.

Conservation Research

The Lizard Island Research Station is a facility of the Australian Museum dedicated to supporting research and advancing knowledge and understanding of the Great Barrier Reef. It is located on the western side of the Island adjacent to the Blue Lagoon.

Lizard Island Resort