Walk to Cook's Look

Hike in the footsteps of Captain Cook to the highest point on the island and take in the panoramic views that can only be enjoyed from this vantage point.

All Lizard Island activities and pricing are subject to availability, weather conditions and may change without notice.

Follow in the footsteps of Captain James Cook as he hiked to the top of this mountain to get an understanding of how to navigate the Endeavour back into open waters. History tells us that Cook was astounded to see his ship was on a coral reef and had somehow not become grounded. As it is believed he was the first European to trek the mountain – it was fondly given his name and it has stuck.

The Cook’s Look hike can be guided or self-guided. It covers 4 kilometres and at times is very steep so we recommend medium to high fitness and agility is required to safely undertake this hike.

Due to the time it takes to hike and the heat of the day – it is recommended that you hike early morning and if going unguided you must register with Reception upon leaving and returning.

Those that have done this hike say it is challenging but incredibly rewarding.