Everything we do on Lizard Island takes into account our prime position on the Great Barrier Reef. We’re respectful of the truly remarkable environment we operate in, and maintaining, protecting and nurturing the diverse ecosystem of Lizard Island and its surrounding waters underpins our every effort.

Protection of the Great Barrier Reef

Lizard Island was declared a National Park in 1937, with the waters surrounding the Island recognised as a Marine Park in 1974. To ensure our guests are exposed to and educated about the challenges and the opportunities faced by the Great Barrier Reef, we work closely with the Lizard Island Research Station, a world-leader in coral reef education and research, to protect and preserve the Great Barrier Reef and most recently pioneering successful techniques to combat the spread of one of the reef biggest predators, the Crown of Thorns.

We offer guests tours of the Research Station where they have the opportunity to speak to marine staff who live and work in the surrounds, who can provide insights on the day to day health of the marine environment as well as advances in reef conservation and research breakthroughs.

Lizard Island is also a founding member of the Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef, further emphasising our dedication to protecting our natural and cultural surrounds to ensure it remains for generations to come.

Protection of cultural heritage

We are respectful of Lizard Island's history, and committed to preserving its place in the minds of our staff and guests well into the future. Our work with Lizard Island's onsite naturalist, and our relationship with the Traditional Owners of the land, Jiogurru of the Dingaal Aboriginal people, are central to upholding this commitment.

We share the island's cultural heritage with our guests through guided walks with our naturalist. On these walks, historical sites are observed, and guests have the opportunity to hike to the highest point on the island in the footsteps of Captain Cook, to the aptly named Cook's Look.

Environmentally friendly practices

On Lizard Island, we also do our best to recycle what we use with seven main streams: co-mingled recycling, organics, compostable, cardboard, paper, batteries and toner cartridges. We're also pleased to have removed all plastic straws and bottles from use on Lizard Island as of 1 September 2018.

Our dedication to the environment is reflected through our waste and recycling handling. Approximately 60 per cent of all waste from the resort operation on Lizard Island is either recycled or deployed for alternative use.

All waste on the island is separated and removed on the fortnightly barge, to limit any cross contamination with the natural balance of the flora and fauna.

Support for the local community

We're always looking for ways to support the local community while also protecting the environment that surrounds us. To ensure the minimal amount of waste from the property ends up as landfill, we work with a local waste provider to recycle or deploy waste in other channels.

Through innovative practices, we're able to ensure our footprint on the environment is minimal, like reusing oil for bio-fuel and coffee granules.

Additionally, 90 per cent of all food and beverage supplied on-island is purchased from local suppliers, echoing our commitment to supporting the businesses that operate in our region.