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Great Barrier Reef Update at Lizard Island

Lizard Island remains the single best destination on the reef from which to explore what the Great Barrier Reef has to offer, either as a snorkeller or a diver. There are amazing locations in both the inner and outer reef regions, or just around the island itself.

There were some areas affected by coral bleaching in 2016 and 2017 and the past cyclones, however, there are a number of areas are still pristine and untouched, whilst some of the affected ones are showing positive signs of regeneration and growth. There are some amazing coral formations and marine life abundance just 20m from our shores on Anchor Bay or Watson's Bay, such as the renowned Giant Clams Garden and Chinaman's Wall and surrounding formations plus all of the inner and outer reef locations that we visit with our guests receive glowing reports every week.

Photographic evidence below has been taken by guests, staff and scientists and showcases that the reef is thriving in many places around Lizard Island. Please also refer to the unsolicited feedback received on TripAdvisor from recent guests.

We are obviously very passionate about the region, but we remain neutral and fair about the guest experience and invite you to come and experience the wonderful marine, island and resort life that Lizard Island offers.

No Name Reef, Lizard Island

Videographer, Trent Reid

‚ÄčReef life on Lizard Island - images from the reef